In studio with SUN

In this audio documentary, Rudie Dodd follows a Melbourne band’s journey of recording their first EP.

Live: 2 Worlds Festival

Holley Gawne reports live from the 2 Worlds Festival in Geelong.

Live: Vegan Mini Market

Elana Frost reports live from the inaugural monthly Mini Vegan Market at Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

POPS damaging effects on the environment

It is estimated that around eight million metric tons of our plastic waste enters the oceans from land each year. Last year in Australia…

App for teaching deaf infants to speak

With one in 1000 Australian babies born deaf, Swinburne University researchers are developing an app to teach children with cochlear implants to speak. Holley Gawne spoke to software engineering professor, Leon Sterling.

Fashion’s new frontier: sustainability

With cheap and affordable fashion so readily available, Australians are spending more money than ever to look good all year round.  Annelise Answerth met…