Melbourne’s Mix

Refuge from civil war a “lottery” win

A fugitive from civil war in El Salvador says he was once only able to recognise the badly beaten body of his kidnapped uncle by his favourite boots. Maddison Wrench reports.

A Latvian love story

For many migrants, immigration is a lonely and isolating experience. However almost 50 years of marriage shows the strength of culture in bringing people together in a new diverse Australian society. Grace Ashford reports.

Kiwis want a fair go

Some New Zealanders here are calling for the same benefits Australians enjoy living in their country. Pasha Nielsen reports.

Afghan women dish up their culture

Afghan women bring their culture to the Boroondara community by sharing their traditional recipes. Imogen Hartmann reports.

A Catalan’s struggle

Chef Gerard Curto Rodríguez has watched from afar the harsh response to moves in his native Catalonia to break away from Spain. Lewis de Zoete reports.

Venezuelans seek safe haven in Australia

Melbourne’s Venezuelan community members are determined to help relatives escape soaring crime rates, political instability, record inflation and unemployment. Abbey Hargreaves reports.