Entrepreneurs: A lifeline for the community in a time of crisis

Throughout the pandemic Australians have praised essential workers such as retail attendants, nurses, doctors and pharmacists. But we’ve forgotten to praise one other group who are equally important – entrepreneurs. Millicent Spencer reports

Jewels to demystify the female body

Melbourne’s growing movement of female-body inspired jewellery seeks to break down the boundaries of ‘medical perfection’. Shareena Abdul Aziz reports.

Making a “shed life” for men

“Stick a bench and some tools between two guys, and they’ll yak for hours.” Mitchell Gardner speaks to the president of the Safety Beach/Dromana Men’s Shed about his experiences with the group.

A dressmaker’s dream

Maria Bose, a dressmaker and hospital employee, speaks about her passion for fashion and design. Davina Deluao reports.

Pottery as meditation

Graham Masters has been making a living for 47 years but says he has never worked a day in his life. Lucy Slade reports.

A survivor in the glass bead game

Brain tumour survivor and artist Cathy Tillotson shows her resilience through the craft of bead making. Rebecca Johansen reports.

From the first lick

Bernadette Crick fell in love with the idea of baking after making a drum-themed cake for her son’s 16th birthday. Tayla Wilson reports.

A luthier’s low-tech high

Chris Wynne can teach anyone how to build their own guitar. The therapy is a bonus, writes Joshua Resnick.