Retail rage

A recent study found almost nine of every 10 retail and fast food workers have been verbally abused. What does that mean for students juggling work and study? Madeline Bourn investigates.

Every breath she takes

Mikaela Turner reports on a brave teenager’s endurance with a disease for which there is no cure and the average lifespan is just 37 years.

When the bite is as bad as the bark

Work in the dog justice system can be difficult and underappreciated. Travis Medhurst explores the issues involved in handling aggressive dogs.

Young and alone

“I had to couch surf, squat in houses. I even sleep rough sometimes.” Cleona Mirdin reports on increasing youth homelessness.

Brunswick calling

Brunswick’s reputation as a bohemian hub is under threat but locals aren’t having a bar of it. Harriet Gledhill reports.

Taking heart to beat the stigma

“Some people think it’s a sign of defeat. I find my scar a sense of victory.” Young people with heart disease speak up on the hurt of misconceptions. Abbey Thorpe reports.