Australian to a fault: games week celebrates ‘Raising the Bar’

Melbourne International Games Week offers a front row seat to the best offerings from local talent. This year the spotlight was on a flourishing indie industry that is becoming distinctly Australian. Games editor Theo Tunks and Asher Trigg report.

Local video game composers take the spotlight

Local composers, who are producing groundbreaking soundscapes for video games, were in the spotlight at Melbourne International Games Week. Standard editor Emily Spindler-Carruthers reports

Diversity in gaming: small improvements but still an uphill battle

Australians in the digital games industry are working hard to get underrepresented people into the workforce as the industry’s big names lag behind. Emily Spindler-Carruthers, Tim Wilson and Asher Trigg report on the state of diversity in games.

Jon Chey: ‘A rock in the ocean’ of Australian games development

A quiet icon of Australian gaming, Jon Chey looks back on his formative years in China, his careers at iconic studios Looking Glass and Irrational Games, the perils of navigating large-scale AAA game development, and his indie revival at the helm of Blue Manchu. Profile by gaming editor Tim Bottams.

What Sony didn’t show you in the PlayStation Showcase

PlayStation used their showcase to show off multiple titles slated for the next couple of years, but a handful of projects didn’t make it to the event. Mitchell Glynne looks at what wasn’t included.

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