Toll road continues to divide

As Greens MPs attempt to revoke planning permission for the West Gate Tunnel for a second time, a local resident claims the state government is “buying out” local councils. Jake Stevens reports.

Victorians stuck on paper petitions

Victorians can’t submit electronic petitions to the lower house of parliament because MPs have failed to implement an e-petition system. Joshua Resnick reports.

Why US leaders fail to fix the economy

A former legal adviser to Vice President Joe Biden questions Barack Obama’s reforms on multinational tax evasion during a Melbourne visit. Donal Shiel reports.

Citrus Farmers Fear Backpacker Tax

Submissions have now closed for the government’s review of the 32.5% working holiday visa tax rate, to be officially released in mid October. However, will the high rate force backpackers to leave Australia and find work elsewhere? Christine Byllaardt reports.

House prices putting pressure on Holt

Families fear being locked out of Holt’s property market making housing affordability a major election issue. James Willis and Justine Vemer report.

Murphy aims for a slam Dunkley

Labor candidate Peta Murphy is hoping to create a more unified community in the electorate of Dunkley, report Dylan Bruce and Samuel Seedsman.