The “long road” to the top

Shadow State Attorney General and MP for Hawthorn, John Pesutto, whose parents came here from Italy, encourages young Australians from migrant backgrounds to “follow your dreams and aspirations”. Edwina Williams reports. The story is part of a series on the state election appearing with others by Swinburne students in The Junction (http://junctionjournalism.com/), a new collaborative online publication by Australian university journalism programs.

In Tarneit it’s all about education, says Labor

According to 2016 census data, Tarneit’s population aged 14 years or younger is more than 10 per cent higher than the state average. Julius Dennis reports on plans to meet the demand for schooling in the outer western electorate.

Labor despite a mother’s caution

Though he remembers hearing his mother say, “all Labor politicians are crooks”, John Kennedy is campaigning in the hope of becoming Hawthorn’s first Labor MP since 1955. Edwina Williams reports.

Talking tough challenges in Tarneit

The ALP’s Sarah Connolly sees opportunities in infrastructure planning to ensure “great lives” in a fast-growing electorate where youth crime has been highly publicised. Madeline Bourn reports.

Pharaoh’s back for Prahran

After falling short by 31 votes in 2014, Neil Pharaoh once again is trying to win Prahran for Labor. Sam Mills reports.

Greens candidate goes grassroots

Greens candidate for disgraced MP Telmo Languiller’s seat to present a “credible alternative”, but knows she’ll lose. Oscar Perri reports