Labor despite a mother’s caution

Though he remembers hearing his mother say, “all Labor politicians are crooks”, John Kennedy is campaigning in the hope of becoming Hawthorn’s first Labor MP since 1955. Edwina Williams reports.

A Latvian love story

For many migrants, immigration is a lonely and isolating experience. However almost 50 years of marriage shows the strength of culture in bringing people together in a new diverse Australian society. Grace Ashford reports.

Hands-on for many births

Caring for a baby is never easy but imagine multiplying that infant by two, three or even four. Mikaela Turner reports.

Toll road continues to divide

As Greens MPs attempt to revoke planning permission for the West Gate Tunnel for a second time, a local resident claims the state government is “buying out” local councils. Jake Stevens reports.

Public housing campaigner on the trail

Public housing campaigner on the trail

Alan Menadue received just 82 votes at the 2014 state election but did not let his disappointment discourage him from recontesting the Greens-held seat of Prahran. Sandra Milutinovic reports.