Determined dreamers

A survey of young Australians has highlighted a crisis in the Melbourne’s rental market. Two-thirds of respondents had experienced difficulties in finding somewhere to rent.

The unavailability of suitable housing, and its affordability, top the list of concerns for the 202 men and women who responded to the survey by Swinburne University journalism students.

Other prominent grievances include accusations that real estate agents and landlords discriminate against the young. The Standard news team reports.


Flying with the stars

Cattle farmer Douglas Hamilton little realised he’d be called on to act in a film starring a celebrated Hollywood actress when he arrived on set with one of his vintage aircraft. Stefanie Ferguson reports.

Fighting on

He’s familiar to many as the plumber’s grumpy dad in the hit movie, Kenny. Ron Jacobson had other roles when not training young boxers to fight. Nathan Konstantinidis reports on a veteran coach about to hang up his gloves.