One in two: every woman has a story

Unwanted sexual attention: it’s not okay, you're not alone, and things need to change. Image: Unsplash by Nadine Shaabana.
Ellie Mitsch explores the everyday occurrence of sexual assault and harassment that women face in Australia.

*This documentary features content and stories of sexual assault and harassment that may be triggering for some survivors.

One in two women within Australia have experienced sexual harassment. It’s a confronting statistic.

One in Two, a documentary produced by Ellie Mitsch, explores the everyday experience of sexism and sexual harassment facing Australian women. Mitsch provides a platform for women to share their experience of the unwanted sexual attention, assault and harassment they face in bars, at events, at work and on the streets.

Inspired by Brittany Higgins and Chanel Contos, this documentary encourages people to remember and recognise that these events happen on a smaller scale every day. It’s an ingrained societal problem in Australia and, it’s something that needs to change.